TOEFL IBT is an exam for those who want to study or live abroad in general to prove that they are fluent in English. In fact, it is not correct to limit TOEFL only abroad, because the educational institutions in our country also require TOEFL as an English proficiency certificate as a necessary condition. In addition, many workplaces also require TOEFL certificates from their employees. With the TOEFL Exam Preparation Course we offer for our students who want to get a high score from the TOEFL exam, our students achieve many successes in their educational life and in their professional careers.


TOEFL Exam System


TOEFL IBT consists of four parts: reading, writing, speaking and listening.


There are approximately 700 words of academic passages ranging from 3 to 5 in the reading section. The student must read these passages and answer the questions. There are 12-14 questions per passage. In total, 36-70 questions have to be solved in duration between 60-100 minutes.


In the listening section, listening texts ranging from 4 to 6. The texts consist of 3-5 minutes of class discussions or conversations. Between 34 and 51 questions are asked. The duration also varies between 60 and 90 minutes.


In the writing section, the subject is given 2 topics and the candidate is expected to write 2 essays. The duration is 50 minutes. In the Speaking section, the duration given is 20 minutes and in 20 minutes the candidate and the jury talk about 6 different topics. The jury measures the candidate's ability to understand and demonstrate understanding.


TOEFL IBT How Many Points?


TOEFL IBT is over 120 points. Each section is 30 points. The sum of the four different sections gives your overall TOEFL score.


TOEFL Exam Dates


TOEFL IBT is held every 2 weeks. Candidates can register for the exam one week before the exam date. Candidates who cannot achieve the desired score can apply for the next exam. There are no number restrictions for taking the exam.


How to Apply for TOEFL Exam?


TOEFL IBT can be registered online at Registration closes 7 days before the date you want to take the exam. Those who want to register late can register four days before the exam, but they need to pay the late registration fee. TOEFL exam fee is $ 185 and payment is made by credit or debit card. No currency other than the US dollar is used when making the payment.


Item Fee

Test Fee $ 180

Additional Score Reports (per buyer) $ 20

Reading and Listening Answer Paper Score Evaluation $ 80

Returning Points $ 20


How are our TOEFL Exam Preparation Lessons taught?


It is a program we have prepared for students who aim for high scores. Lessons are taught in groups or individually. Group exams are held once a week. In individual lessons, it is mandatory to make a trial before each lesson. Our practice exams are held in our classrooms