Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an exam required for both American citizens and foreign students in college and university admissions in the USA. Likewise Bosphorus for foreign students living in Turkey, Koc, is used instead of the SAT Examination for Foreign Students in many universities such as the ITU. Scholastic Aptitude Test is divided into SAT 1 (Reasoning Test) and SAT 2 (Subject Test): SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test. Different SAT preparation processes are needed for both exams.


SAT Reasoning Test is used to measure the student's basic numerical and verbal skills. SAT Subject Test is a more specialized exam aimed at measuring knowledge on a particular academic subject.


When and how to apply for the SAT exam?


SAT, organized by The College Board, is applied seven times a year in the USA and six times a year in other countries. Generally, SAT applications, which are applied bi-monthly in our country, can be made from the relevant centers providing course and consultancy services or on the website


Applications usually expire three to four weeks before the exam date. However, if you have passed this date, you can complete your application up to two to three weeks before the exam, paying an additional fee for late registration. The SAT registration fee is $ 46, which will increase to $ 60 if the exam is written in the essay writing section.


Late registration fee is paid in addition to the registration fee, it is $ 29. If you need to make a change on the test date or on-site, you can make this change for a separate $ 29. You can also get services such as more comprehensive analysis of exam results by paying various additional fees.


Who can apply for the exam?


There is no restriction on participation when it comes to the SAT exam. Students who have recently graduated from high school or are currently attending high school and who want to continue their undergraduate education in America attend the exam. As noted above, non-citizen of Turkey and universities that qualified students who wish to continue studying English in Turkey is also enter this examination. Exam results are valid for two years.


Recommendations on SAT preparation


In the mathematics section, the questions that may be the equivalent of the part referred to as Mat-1 in the university exam in our country are asked. There are questions that can be solved with some practical approach and reasoning. To achieve success from the Mathematics section, you should solve lots of questions from SAT preparation books and see different question types. Once students get used to these question types, they will typically realize that the questions are not really difficult and can be solved.


In the verbal part of the exam, English vocabulary is critical. These words need to be kept in mind for a good score. You can find flashcards to help learn these words online or prepare them yourself