YOS - Foreign Student Examination - as the name implies, is required to take the exam to study in Turkey. Some of public and private universities in Turkey have YOS for the foreign students. YÖS exam questions diffet from other university admissions exams.

In addition, foreign students are required to face certain YÖS Terms and Conditions in order to take the YÖS Exam. Universities accepting YÖS explain their quotas themselves. YÖS exam results are announced by universities. With the YÖS exam, foreign students can enter many other departments such as Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Law, Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Pharmacy, Psychology and Teaching.

What are the YÖS Exam Questions?

Proportional Distribution of YÖS (Foreign Student Exam) Questions

There were 80 questions in YÖS which were generally accepted and before 2010. The distribution of these questions consists of 45 YÖS IQ - General Ability (IQ), 30-32 Mathematics, 3-5 Geometry questions.

Mathematics and Geometries questions consist of general high school questions. Question structures differ from LYS and LGS.

Which departments are studied with YÖS Exam?

With the YÖS Exam, you can study in every department in the public universities.

But; Acceptance need a special ability exam to the departments of some universities that provide education in the field of Fine Arts and Music.

Another area is to Military and Police Academies: Students, candidates who face the special conditions of these institutions are accepted.

Importance of High School Diploma Average in YÖS Exam

None of the factors such as school type, area and department differences, or AÖBAP diploma grade has value.

You can study at all faculties, including medical education.

YÖS Application

To apply for the YÖS Exam, you can make your exam applications on the websites of universities that accept Foreign Students. Generally, YÖS Applications start in February and March. Some universities accept YÖS applications until May. You can check our website for YÖS Exam Application dates. If we look at 2019 YÖS application dates and past exam dates, we can predict that they will be at the same time in 2020 and in the following years.

Istanbul University YÖS exam and its importance

Istanbul University YÖS Exam is the most important exam among foreign student exams. Most students attend this exam. IUYOS exam results are generally valid in all universities. YÖS exam of Istanbul University is held in Germany, France, Holland, America, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and many cities of other countries.

What are the Most Preferred Programs in YÖS Exam?

Faculty of Medicine (Turkish)

Faculty of Medicine (English)


Buisness adminstration

Faculty of Law



Psychology –PDR


Veterinary medicine