Visa Violation

Visa Violation

Visa Violation

visa foreign nationals who violate people in Turkey fall into the leak and suspended state. Located aliens visa violation in the penalty while they were in violation of the visa ban in Turkey to receive input while abroad to Turkey are required to pay in cash at the door. 

entry to Turkey for five years the fines while they were in breach of visa to foreigners who travel abroad without paying ban laid

not involved in any crime during their stay in Turkey can only come when departing from Turkey just fine introduction to Turkey for their payment prohibition area of foreign nationals taking Annotated visas the expiration of the five year ban period to Turkey without waiting Annotated visas.

Annotated visas of foreign nationals coming to Turkey with people can also receive work and residence permit in Turkey.

Some entry bans can be lifted with a legitimate visa, while others can be lifted by court order or other means.

On the other hand, foreigners who are forbidden to enter Turkey to ask most of the questions below.

  • Is there a ban on entry to Turkey for how long?
  • set out the reasons which bans entry to Turkey?
  • Ends when the ban entry to Turkey?
  • Is the entry ban lifted in Turkey?
  • How to enter Turkey lifted bans?
  • There is a ban on entry to Turkey. Can I come with a legitimate visa?