Residence Permits

Residence Permits

Residence Permits

Application procedures of foreign nationals who enter our country and wish to obtain a residence permit vary according to their purpose of residence. You can get consultancy service from our company for any foreign residence transactions.

Residence permit, residence permit, which is another name for the application of foreign obliged to take specific reasons making the decision to settle in the area in line with Turkey. The residence permit is divided into different types of branches, namely short term, long term, family, education purpose, humanitarian leave.

The application for a residence permit is made online, ie online, through the website of the Directorate of Migration Management. During the application, you are asked for some information, so you need to provide correct answers to your identity information and other questions.

Republic of Turkey, which is fixed by law "if one wishes to reside in Turkey of foreign nationals" is mandatory to receive a residence permit as required. There are many criteria in processes such as residence, work and citizenship in many countries of the world. However, people who meet these criteria can get their permission.

The competent authorities about the residence permit in Turkey in our country with regard to residence permits of foreign institutions that are authorized by law is chaired by Immigration authorities. Applications are made on the website of the ministry and a permit is issued to foreigners deemed appropriate by the ministry.

How to get a residence permit 2019

How to get a residence permit in Turkey? Let's look at what are the conditions for this and what the stranger has to do.

Foreigners coming for touristic reasons: Foreigners who have a tourist visa and enter our country with this can travel and stay in our country legally for 90 days. If he wants to reside as a Tourist for a period longer than this period, the person must obtain a residence permit. As a tourist, they can get a maximum of 2 years residence permit for our city of Istanbul and maximum 1 year for all provinces except Istanbul.

Working with the aim of arriving foreigners: developing Turkey, strengthening the economy in terms of job opportunities in case of foreign citizens center of attraction. More environment together with the countries of the foreigners want to work from one location to the places frequented by foreign institutions in Turkey / it must obtain a work permit for foreigners coming to work in the company.

Companies wishing to employ foreign personnel must obtain the work permit of the foreigner.

Foreign nationals and employers have separate obligations. When you say eyebrow, do not remove the eye without realizing it. In other words, you should do what you need quickly to avoid falling into the position of employing illegal workers.

For this, the foreigner must first apply for a residence permit for at least 1 year and obtain this certificate. From this point on, he can apply for a work permit. If the foreigners reside in Turkey for 8 years unremitting finds application in this case the opportunity for long-term residence permit.

How to Apply for a Residence Permit?

You must submit your residence permit application on the website of the immigration authority for this purpose.

  • Your passport that belongs to you
  • Your digital ID photo: white background, must be biometric and taken in the last 6 months
  • residence address of residence in Turkey
  • You must have a valid health insurance
  • You must have a phone number that you received from Turkey

It is important to provide the correct documents in the application: You should support your application with the official documents required for the country you are a citizen of. Your passport validity to this, your marital status, your age, how would you like to live in Turkey ?, is important information such as your application form.

You must have a valid health insurance for the application. Also, you should not have been involved in any shameful crime before. After applying, you will need to prepare for the appointment day. We can help you as a vural consultancy.

In order to have a residence permit and to have a positive result, you must make a correct application. During the application, you must provide the information and documents requested from you completely. However, if the ministry approves, your residence permit will be issued by the ministry.

What Can A Foreigner Do Not Have?

In case of a motor vehicle in Turkey do not want to fail as a result of this transaction. It cannot import any goods, cars or goods personally. It can not get any fixed phone number, internet service, Digiturk service. Also unable to open the bank account in Turkey. If the company wants to establish a company in our country, the establishment of a company will fail.

In the case of Turkey's more than 180 days over a period of 90 days you do not want to get a residence permit must be resident on site. This permit is in poziasyon one of the institutions of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior "Migration presidential administration to" be bound by the application of the unit. Offices affiliated to the ministry are present in all our cities.

How to Become an Permanent Residence Permit?

Foreign indefinitely so that "permanent residence" in that they have resided continuously in order to be able to have 8 years in Turkey requirement shall prevail. Foreigners who have these criteria can apply for an indefinite residence permit.

You should not have benefited from the government in the last 3 years of your residence. It is imperative that you have a monthly income to sustain your life, you also need to have a valid health insurance necessary for your life and, finally, you should not pose any security problems that will harm society and the nation.