Work Permits

Work Permits

Work Permits

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Work permit; Turkish foreign persons without citizenship, which allows it to operate in a legal ground in Turkey is the name of the document should receive the permission required to Turkish law.

The question of what is a foreign work permit is one of the topics asked by tens of thousands of foreigners and employers today. Each nationality of people want to plunge into working life is in Turkey.

Of course, the main rule of employing foreign workers is that the work permit has been obtained.

First of all, how to get a work permit? The person and institutions that will employ a foreign worker

asking the question should know that he / she has to obtain a work permit.

How to Get a Foreign Work Permit?

Foreign people are mostly evaluated in shipping, tourism, health, marketing, and executive positions in our country. Employment is also carried out depending on the qualification of the person.

However, it is a crime to employ a person without a work permit. This crime starts with a fine and progresses to the issue of closing a business. In this sense, the employer must be sensitive about work permit.

Residence Permit Work Permit

There are 2 different ways to follow for the work permit to be obtained based on residence. These;

  • Foreign nationals who have a minimum 6-month residence permit can apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security via e-government. However, the residence permit should not be confused with the residence permit given to students,
  • The foreign national may request a work permit by applying to the embassy or consulate of the country in which he / she resides or has a legal residence.

Things Work Permit Application from Turkey

Turkey will do the work permit application procedures to be followed outside Turkey who will do the work permit application is different. Already people are said to be held in Turkey in the work permit application, are persons with residence permits. However, these people should not be confused with students residing in our country.

If the foreigner does not have a residence permit, they must first obtain a residence permit from the Immigration Authorities. All of these applications can also be made online from the official websites of the Migration Authorities. Those who obtain a residence permit must then apply for a work permit.

Together with the documents provided, applications are made online from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security official website. Foreign applicants and foreign employers must make this application.

But how to get a work permit? The documents that will be declared during the application are different for both sides of the question. After the application is made online, these documents must be submitted to the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security within 6 days.

Outside Work Permit Application to Visit Turkey

This article concerns people who apply from abroad. Because the people who will make this application are those who do not have a residence permit in our country. These individuals can apply for a work permit for our country either from the country of residence or from the country in which they are currently located. In both cases, applicants must be provided to Turkey Consulate.

Documents to be declared by the person who will obtain a work permit during these applications


  • Example of the employment contract,
  • 1 passport photo,
  • Work visa application examples,
  • Passports,

What are the Obligations of the Workplaces to Employ Foreign Workers?

employers also have some obligations on the subject. For example, a minimum of 5 Turkish citizens should be working in the workplace applying for employment.

If you request work permit and how to get work permit? If the person asking the question is one of the partners of the company in question, the employment of 5 Turkish citizens should be in question in the last 6 months of the 1-year work permit. If a work permit is to be requested for more than one foreign national, the employment of 5 Truk citizens is obligatory for 1 person for which all other work permits are requested, except for the first person.

At the same time, these enterprises;

  • The paid-in capital should be minimum 100.000 TL,
  • The minimum amount in gross sales amount is 800.000 TL,
  •  If the gross sales amount is not 800.000 TL, the export amount of the previous year should be minimum 250.000 USD.

Work Permit Criteria for Foreign Foundations and Associations

There are some stages waiting for foundations and associations that will employ foreign people. If these foreigners are to be employed in the education and housework sector, the above criteria are not sought for the employing point. In addition, it is not legal for the Foundations and Associations to pay salaries for people to be employed under the minimum wage. As of 2019, 2.029 TL is the minimum amount to be paid.

Tourism Companies Getting Work Permit

Tourism companies are the organizations that employ mostly foreign nationals. Especially the establishments applying for masseuse, masseur and spa therapists must have a minimum of 4 stars, and must prove that there is a minimum of 1 massage parlor in the facility.

If the company in question operates in the tourism-animation sector and will employ foreign nationals in a profession that requires expertise, it is also necessary for the same enterprise to employ 10 Turkish Citizens.

Getting a Work Permit for Home Services

It is the family or individuals who will employ foreign women for domestic services. The person who will be cared for at home must be under the age of 15 or over 65. For individuals younger than 65 and older than 10, the board requests a medical report.

Relatives of severely inpatient patients can also obtain work permits for male employees. For those in need of this care, only 1 foreign national is employed. In addition, foreign nationals cannot be employed for any service other than home care service.