Investment Consulting for foreigners in Turkey

Investment Consulting for foreigners in Turkey

Investment Consulting for foreigners in Turkey

Foreign investors in Turkey or giving of legal advice services related to the legal aspects of doing their investments any country in the world, the company has branch and liaison preparation of legal documents for the establishment of the office and make the necessary application to protect the rights of members of the board and shareholders, partnerships, transfer of shares, license also guides in the preparation of franchising contracts and works with practical solutions aiming to facilitate every stage of the investment process.

Legal and strategic consultancy at every stage of the investors' initiative process; Preparation and negotiation of license, partnership / shareholders, share sales, active sales, distribution, marketing, technology transfer contracts; serves as a consultant on the determination and implementation of the tax results of the joint venture models.

Establishing a Company: To follow the limited and joint stock company establishment documents and procedures preferred in the Global Market,

To carry out the necessary document and process to open a Branch and Liaison Office.

To provide alternative investment opportunities by feasibility in Investment Zones. Investment Regions; Technopark - Consulting in Technology Development Centers, Organized Industrial Zones, Free Zones.

Establishing a company or being a partner / shareholder of Turkish Companies: To follow the process for Capital, Activity and Share Transfer for Foreign Direct Investments.

Advising General Investment Incentive Practices, Regional Investment Incentive Practices, Large-Scale Investment Incentive Practices, Strategic Investment Incentive Practices, foreign nationals and international companies and company partners.

To follow the application criteria and procedures and to carry out transactions on behalf of foreigners who want to become a Turkish citizen by investing in real estate through commercial activities and investment.

By applying to our Institution to get Investment Consultancy service and to be a Citizen of TR; you can get detailed information. We will be pleased to serve you in accordance with the procedures with our professional and experienced team.